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Nike Women’s Stroke Running Shoe, 0 Price: $139.06 (as of 25/11/2021 08:33 PST- Details)

Style#: CI9842-001
Engineered specifically for a women’s foot, it offers a new underfoot experience while the overall lifted stance provides a modern aesthetic with unbelievable, on-the-go comfort.
The Nike Air cushioning in the heel combines with soft, flexible foam for a comfortable experience that lasts.


Taste#: CI9842-001
Engineered in particular for a girls’s foot, it provides a brand new underfoot enjoy even as the entire lifted stance supplies a up to date aesthetic with fantastic, on-the-pass convenience.
The Nike Air cushioning within the heel combines with comfortable, versatile foam for a at ease enjoy that lasts.
The combination of clean leathers and textured materials permit for Taste versatility day-in, day-out even as the padded collar sculpts your ankle for a swish glance that is at ease.
The up to date branding and colour palette be offering a standout search for any cloth wardrobe.

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