In 1958 Hush Pups created the sector’s first informal shoe, signalling the start of nowadays’s Comfortable taste. Through the use of supple suede together with light-weight crepe soles, Hush Pups created a cushy, breathable and really comfy shoe-an innovation that might in the long run modification the type of footwear we put on. In an generation while sneakers possible choices have been restricted, Hush Pups equipped the sector with a brand new choice. A brand new shoe embraced for its original taste and informal aptitude. For the reason that starting, the loved basset hound has embodied the easygoing nature that may be Hush Pups. Offered right through a time of recent freedoms and converting life, our emblem identify and mascot temporarily changed into symbolic of the rising optimism of mid-century The usa. Comfortable and vintage in layout, Hush Pups has at all times outlined what it manner to be brand new and informal. A innovative thought-born 54 years in the past-keeps to encourage us nowadays.