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Calvin Klein Women’s Nita Pump Price: $197.71 (as of 24/12/2021 09:52 PST- Details)

Calvin Klein is a global lifestyle brand that exemplifies bold, progressive ideals and a seductive, and often minimal, aesthetic. We seek to thrill and inspire our audience while using provocative imagery and striking designs to ignite the senses
Comfort: Flexible construction gives you the freedom to move comfortably. Easy slip on design with cushioned foam insole for comfort and shock absorption
Perfect FIT: This style runs true to size


Calvin Klein is a world way of life logo that exemplifies daring, innovative beliefs and a seductive, and incessantly minimum, aesthetic. We are seeking for to please and encourage our target audience whilst the usage of provocative imagery and hanging designs to ignite the senses
Convenience: Versatile building provides you with the liberty to transport simply. Simple slip on layout with cushioned foam insole for Convenience and surprise absorption
Best possible FIT: This taste runs actual to measurement
lining: one hundred% polyurethane
strap sort: ankle-strap
closure sort: slip-on

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