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ara Women’s Wedge Sandal Price: $115.00 (as of 28/01/2023 10:25 PST- Details)

With high soft technology, ara has married the feeling of your most comfortable athletic Shoes with its Pumps, Flats and other categories of footwear. Super soft uppers, a highly flexible outsole, a supple and padded insole and a special foam insert hidden under the ball of the foot combine to create an indescribably comfortable walking experience
Soft knot detail
Arch support

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With top Comfortable generation, ara has married the sensation of your such a lot at ease athletic Sneakers with its Pumps, Residences and different classes of sneakers. Tremendous Comfortable uppers, a extremely versatile outsole, a supple and padded insole and a distinct foam insert hidden beneath the ball of the foot mix to create an indescribably at ease strolling revel in
Comfortable knot element
Arch beef up
Medium-huge width
Buttery Comfortable military glovekid leather-based

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